What is Panoptica?

Panoptica is a SaaS-based model review solution that supports multi-user multi-location model reviews using a variety of access options including HoloLens, iPad Pro, VR and Web.

It supports the complete model review process from setting up the model review meeting to inviting participants, sectioning and importing models, the model review process itself and a robust reporting capability. Panoptica provides an environment for participants to make dramatic improvements in model review outcomes, including construction rework cost and time reductions, and the security, safety, ergonomics, and operational efficiencies of your resulting facility.


Up to 30% of the costs of construction projects are due to rework, most of which comes from design issues that were not noticed until construction. Panoptica Review enables all project stakeholders to perform a site visit of the completed facility before it's been built. It empowers the experts to focus on their specialties, more intuitively, thereby increasing the likelihood of catching errors in the design before the construction phase.



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