Panoptica is an innovative engineering model review solution that enables all model review participants to understand infrastructure designs in ways that have never before been possible.  Loaded with powerful features for optimizing the model review process, Panoptica drives dramatic improvements in model review outcomes, including construction rework and timeline reductions, and increased safety, security, ergonomics, and operational efficiencies.

Classical model reviews use CAD tools to place 3D models on 2D screens.  Without special training and/or a natural inclination, this presentation style is difficult to impossible for participants to understand, let alone find errors in the design.  Panoptica addresses this challenge by placing participants into the design as if it were real and has proven to be a superior approach to classical model reviews.

Use your existing desing tools
Use your existing CAD software and tools. Panoptica can convert from any Navisworks™ compatible file. Simply upload your model and Panoptica will convert and optimize it for mixed reality. Panoptica fits within your existing workflow and tools.
Mantain your BIM
View your BIM information during the review. Use the companion app to see BIM information automatically imported from the CAD file into the model review.
Easily and quickly import models
We created a Navisworks plugin to allow you to easily segment the model into scenes for use in Panoptica. Segmenting large models makes them more performant in mixed reality.
Work collaboratively from anywhere in the world
Teams that are dispersed, disconnected, or located across the globe, can now come together to review designs in a virtual space, making it seem as if they are in the same physical space.
Ensure full review coverage
Panoptica's advanced auditing and reporting uses heatmap reports to see what was viewed and what wasn't. Use reports to see who participated and for how long. See who signed off on what and which notes were left on which objects.
See what others see
With virtual streaming you can see exactly what someone else is looking at, all from the web portal, no HoloLens required. See what someone is looking at or, in the future, watch a playback of their session.
Take your model reviews to a whole new level
Increase review efficiency with added features like tasks to make sure everything in the review gets checked off, notes so users can make comments, ask questions or leave suggestions, and reports so you can check them all.
Monitor participant engagement
The portal allows you to manage users, devices, and licenses as well as manage model reviews, 3D models, dimensions, spawn points (starting locations), and tasks.
Use our cloud or yours
Panoptica is Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. You can use our solution and get regular feature updates while we do all the hard work, or you can bring the software in-house and manage it yourself.
Easily navigate the model
Use the lobby view to get a bird's eye view of your model and jump in wherever you like. Use the companion app to transpose the model or jump over to a team member’s view to discuss an object of interest.
Access training and support
Panoptica offers training and support services to get users up to speed quickly and efficiently and make sure Panoptica works as you expect.

How it works

  1. Set up a model review
  2. Upload and prepare models
  3. Perform a model review
  4. Get reports and give feedback


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